DandyLion Eggs
Otherwise know as “Pysanky”, Ukrainian Eggs are an
ancient art form still practiced today. These are done in
the traditional way of using beeswax and dye in a wax
resistant process on handblown eggs.  The
decorating the eggs have special meanings, and can often
mean many different things.  The eggs on my website are
all made by me, and are a mixture of traditional and
contemporary, originals and reproductions from books
listed on my booklist. If you have a question about a
particular design, please email me.

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check back in!

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Legend of the Pysanka

Among Ukrainians there is a belief that the fate of the world depends upon
pysanky. As long as egg decorating continues, the world will exist. Should the
custom cease, evil in the guise of an ancient, vicious monster chained to a
huge cliff, will encompass the world and destroy it. Each year the monster's
servants encircle the globe, keeping a record of the number of pysanky made.
Should there be too few, the monster's chains loosen, and evil flows through
the world. If there are many, the monster's chains hold taut, allowing love to
conquer evil.

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