Here are some links that have been useful, amusing, or inspiring!
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Youtube is a great place to find how-to videos on writing pysanky. It is also an eye-opener to see how many
different ways there can be to do one thing!


Egg Decorators - This video depicts the process of applying wax and dye in a beautiful way, set to music.
Takes place in Romania.  Notice when they remove the wax at the end, they use their hands.  Another
instance when there are so many ways to do one thing. I definitely don't use my bare hands, ouch!

Eve's Eggs - Artist Profile - This video is a very good explanatory video for how pysanky are made. This is
much more similar to the way I do it than the previous video!This would be a great video to show a child
before they start learning, to explain how the wax and dye process works.

See the "Eggman" demonstrate the different steps to creating pysanky! He is assisted by his playful cat!
The videos are short and entertaining. You can also find all the supplies you need to make your own
pysanky on this site.  

Supplies and "How-To"

Learn  I think this is the website that I first used when teaching myself to write pysanky.  There
are free designs that take you through each step of the design, and lots of hints and tips.

The Ukrainian Gift Shop has tons of Ukrainian products and all the pysanky supplies you need.